Hi Welcome to The Wee Art Studio, Gallery, Shop and Art Space website. My name is Caroline Bennett. I have successfully run Art Classes for all ages in the local area, originally from my wee garage! From these initial classes I realised there was a real demand for art in the area from the positive response I received.

I am an experienced art practitioner working for over 20 years in art education and additional support needs focussing upon nurturing everyone’s creative talents. My new studio and shop located at 415 Clarkston Road, Muirend, offers an opportunity to develop my passion for both art and people, providing a relaxed retail space in which to sell my own and other Scottish makers work. The shop as well as providing great gift ideas for the art lover also supplies art materials for a budding artist of any age, with expert advice on offer with each purchase. My range of art classes will be expanded and continually updated, offering inspiration in a wide range of genres including: printmaking, felt-making, mixed media, book binding, jewellery design to name just a few.

Opening my new shop at 415 Clarkston Road will give students and clients the opportunity to purchase art materials, buy original art and gifts and engage in creative activities in a friendly, relaxed space.


Caroline has over 20 years’ experience in working in all fields of education including mainstream primary, secondary and additional support needs. She holds additional qualifications in both Nurture and Additional Support For Learning, is fully registered with the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTC)
and has been enhanced disclosure checked.

Caroline also has experience in working as a community artist and an Artist in Residence in The Crichton Hospital, Dumfries and the charity Paintings in Hospitals, London. These posts enabled her to develop her own creative practice and also use her skills as a practitioner to enhance patient’s mental and emotional wellbeing.


Classes for All!

The aims of the children's classes are to nurture natural creative abilities as well as develop new skills and experiences. Classes will reflect the benchmarks and learning outcomes set in the Curriculum for Excellence but a greater focus is placed upon having the opportunity to experiment with materials and techniques many mainstream primary schools do not have the facilities or specialisms to provide.

Having previously worked as a primary art specialist for 10 years, Caroline realised the children who received regular art input from a specialist art teacher developed more refined fine motor skills, had enhanced creativity and problem solving skills and were more able to build successful social relationships. Art could be used as a platform to enhancing a child’s emotional wellbeing. Her work in secondary schools reinforced this belief as those children whom had received this art input were often more advance in their abilities.

Children will learn in small groups so they receive all the attention, support and encouragement they need in the wee art studio’s cosy environment.

Adult Classes are tailored to the individual needs of the student, learning new skills in a friendly environment!

Other Services: • One to one art lessons • Additional Support needs Tuition in Dyslexia • Social Group / Work sessions to promote positive mental health/ Painting Evenings • Art Commissions • Art Classes for all ages and abilities • Carer and child classes. • Drop in and Paint sessions

ONLINE SHOP OPEN NOW! New Classes available to book now!

• Tuesdays Adult Class (Beginners) Art Class • Time: 1pm -3pm • Tuesday Beginners, 22nd October to 3rd December (7 weeks), Cost £140. .

• Tuesdays Kids Art Class, Primary 1 to Primary 3 • Time: 4 pm – 5pm • 22nd October to 10th December for 8 weeks. • Cost £72

• Wednesdays Kids Art Class, Primary 4 to Primary 7 • 23rd October to 11th December for 8 weeks. • Time: 4pm -5pm, Cost £72

• Wednesdays Teen Art Class • 23rd October to 4th December for 7 weeks. • Time: 6.45pm - 8pm, Cost £70

• Thursday Kids Art Class, Primary 4 to Primary 7 • Time: 4 pm – 5pm • 24nd October to 12th December for 8 weeks. • Cost £72

• Adults Thursday Evening Portraiture from a Model (Beginner/ Intermediate) • Time: 7 pm – 9 pm • 24nd October to 28th November for 6 weeks. • Cost £150

• Friday Kids Art Class, Primary 4 to Primary 7 • 25th October to 13th December for 8 weeks. • Time: 4pm -5pm, Cost £72,

• Saturday Kids Art Class, Primary 3 to Primary 7 • 26th October to 14th December for 8 weeks. • Class 1 Time: 10am – 11am. Class 2 Time: 11.15am - 12.15pm. Cost £72.

• Classes can be booked on website or contact Caroline for more information or want to be informed if future spaces. .

• Gallery, Shop and Art Space Open now at 415 Clarkston Road, Muirend, Glasgow, G44 3LL.

If you’ve got any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.
We will respond within 24 hours !